All I need!

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This perfect gift contains:

  • Leather case.
  • DUO medium crystal file (13.5 cm): With two abrasive surfaces in the same product.
  • Wonder bar, with three functions: Moves the cuticle, cleanses and softens the skin around the nails.
  • Small crystal nail file (9 cm): Perfect for emergencies.
  • Cacay-based moisturizer for nails and cuticles.
  • Crystal foot scraper: Two abrasive surfaces, does not cut or damage the skin and does not absorb moisture. Sat goodbye to the risk of accumulation of bacteria and the generation of fungi or mold.
  • Large crystal nail file (19.5 cm): Ideal for filing toenails.
You can choose the color of the foot scraper, the medium nail file and the small nail file. The color of the large file will be a surprise but if you want a particular color leave us a note and if we have it available we will send it to you.

If you only want the case, you can also purchase it in the CristalUp Leather Case section.