Frequent questions


Crystal is an inert and non-porous material. This brings a lot of benefits! For example, our CristalUp nail files can be disinfected and sterilized, and their properties will not be altered! Moreover, they are allergenic and because they are recyclable, your environmental impact will lessen: you will use less files and when you do discharge them, they can be recycled. 

How are our CristalUp nail files fabricated? Their abrasive surface is the result of a process of chemical etching, which generates regular, perpendicular and similarly sized teeth on said surface. Hence, CristalUp nail files file your nails in a delicate and uniform manner. Their long-term use gives you healthier and stronger nails. Because the nail files teeth are incorporated to the file’s body – not adhered to them as happens in carton or metal nail files – CristalUp nail files do not wear away. 


Cacay is rich in linoleic acid, retinol and vitamin F, which all contribute towards cell regeneration. Moreover, it protects from damage caused by environmental agents. Due to its high content in antioxidants, it nurtures, softens and improves the appearance of nails and skin.

Our moisturizer was developed with what is necessary to take care of our nails and skin surrounding them in mind:

🧚Apply it, softly massage and let it act.
🧚It is free from preservatives and fragrances.
🧚It softens the cuticles, making it more easy to push them away.