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Nails & Cuticles cacay moisturizer

Nails & Cuticles cacay moisturizer

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This moisturizer is a wonder.

Our moisturizer is made from cacay and coconut oils. Cacay oil is rich in linoleic acid, retinol, vitamin F, antioxidants and contributes to the cell regeneration process. It has moisturizing, hydrating and emollient properties for the skin. It is free of preservatives and fragrances. Moisturizes and conditions the skin at the base of the nail and covering the matrix and lateral edges where the nail sits. In turn, it facilitates cuticle removal, leaving it nourished, soft and better looking. ⭐️

Have you thought about the care you give to your nails? We usually moisturize our face and body skin but nails are forgotten. The idea of this product is to nourish them when you have them unpainted. You can also use it on the skin around your nails.

It is not a base coat and does not replace this type of product.

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